what we do

Manufacture durable, casual clothing  in NYC's garment district mainly from fabrics found in the US, Japan and Europe with a focus on quality construction, comfortable fits and versatility. We stand behind all our products for the life of them and will repair or replace them if they are damaged due to faulty workmanship.

Our inspiration comes from many places and isn't bound by any era or particular reference.  We tend to lean towards the styling and fabrics of American clothing from the 1930s-1970s, but these are only reference points, we're not bound by them.  Comfort, durability, functionality and versatility override all other considerations.


It began as a creative outlet to make clothing we wanted to wear, and how we wanted it made. Even though working full-time in the industry, on nights and weekends, we would make custom orders out of an apartment in the East Village.  After doing this for awhile we received a small order from a retailer. A week into cutting and sewing the order we had only finished 2 shirts and quickly realized we couldn't do it all ourselves. We began scouring the garment district looking for a factory that had the specific machinery we wanted to use on our shirts and trousers.  After walking up and down many staircases, in and out of factories, we were able to find a factory that could do the type of construction we were looking for and who would make our first order.

Since then we've continued to grow the brand steadily.  We work on a hand full of pieces every couple of months, which are made to order for specific shops and our web-shop. We haven't done trade shows or much outreach, as we spend most of our time working on the products.

We are still focused on making clothing without shortcuts, which hopefully, is evident when you look/feel our garments inside and out.  Everything is made in a very specific and intentional way. We know (and are constantly told) we should make our garments using less construction and sewing, but for us it's what makes our products unique and gives them integrity. With over 15 years of apparel design experience we have a good understanding on what makes a good product. It's not by accident when a garment from 75 years ago is "still standing" and looks good.  Our goal isn't to make things that just look good, we hope they do, but what we really strive for is to make "tools" for everyday life that will last.


Going forward we plan to continue refining our designs, branding, knowledge, quality and fits.  We are continually learning and growing as we go.  We plan on continuing to find ways to incorporate recycled goods and sustainable materials in our line. We also plan to offer a wider variety of products in our web-shop, so please check back in with us soon and sign up for our newsletter to know when we will have new items in the shop.